Who are we?

Buffalo Brownies PioneerJamesBuffalo Brownies would like to lead you on a journey to discover our range of luxurious US-inspired cakes, handmade in the heart of Britain and posted straight through your door.

James (right) has created a variety of flavoured chocolate brownies and fudge blondies. We're discovering new and delightful flavour combinations all the time, starting with the classic American standard - the pecan brownie - and we're taking the challenge onwards from there. Check out The Range so you can find your own flavour!

Buffalo Brownies AtomicBuffalo Brownies aim to provide the widest and most heartening range of brownies found in the United Kingdom (and to introduce those who haven't met them yet to the concept of a blondie) - will you Follow The Herd?

Klondike Klondike Klondike

Klondike Klondike

Maple syrup

£8.25 / pack of six Compact

Atomic Atomic Atomic

Atomic Atomic

Nothing added

£8 / pack of six Compact

Atomic Atomic

Nothing added

Buffalo Explorers

I've just tried a box of Clementine......... 6 slabs of pure orangey joy. I suggest you do too before the Government slap a tax on deliciousness.

Jim, Staffordshire