Frequently asked questions

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Q. What is a blondie?

A. A simple way to describe a blondie is "a brownie without any chocolate". A more complicated way is to say that a blondie is more like a baked fudge - the proportion of sugar to butter and the cooking method both promote fudge formation - to which we have added eggs and flour to turn it into more of a cake. The very best answer to the question, though, is to eat one.

Q. Are your products guaranteed nut-free?

A. Not yet. As all our brownies and blondies are handmade in small batches, the kitchen and equipment is shared between all our flavours, including Pioneer (our pecan nut recipe). Ultimately, we would love to have segregated facilities - we'll let you know as soon as we have achieved this.

Q. I'm gluten-intolerant. Can I still enjoy your brownies?

A. Most of the recipes call for wheat flour so, regretfully, we would advise avoiding any flavours which are not specifically marked as gluten-free.

Q. What is the shelf life of your cakes?

A. Like any freshly baked cake, free of preservatives, our brownies and blondies have a distinct shelf life from the date of baking. For our brownies, the shelf life is ten days. For our blondies, the shelf life is seven days.

Q. I've got an idea for a new flavour. If I tell you, will you make it?

A. We are always, always up for a challenge... Right now we are only able to bring you a small selection of the myriad flavours we have in our recipe books so the chances are we either already do it or have plans to develop it. Unless it's something thoroughly unseemly like Marmite® and cabbage blondies. You can keep that one to yourself.

Q. To what delivery time do Buffalo Brownies work?

A. As you'll know, every order you make is fulfilled with freshly baked brownies or blondies. It's the best way to ensure you are always satisfied with your delivery. We aim to get your cakes to you within a maximum of three working days but, due to the occasional vagaries of the postal service, please allow between three to five days for delivery. If your order is more urgent than this, please contact us and we will try our darnedest to accommodate you!

Q. Do you deliver to outside the UK?

A. Our standard delivery options are for the UK only. But please contact us if you would like to arrange delivery to further flung addresses before placing your order.

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Express Express

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Express Express

Espresso coffee
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Buffalo Explorers

The apple and cinnamon Eve is incredible. Apple pie and brownie in one hot, sexy mess.

Marcus, London