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So here it is: Merry Xmas; everybody's having fun

Posted by BB Lab

Posted on Tuesday 25 November 2014 at 14:28

Ho! Ho!! Ho!!! You can tell that excitement is reaching a febrile pitch when we jab ever more insistently upon the exclamation mark button. Anyway. Hello!

Lab, here. Been a while since Management took the cloth off from over our cage but - with a couple of very exciting things about to emerge from our top secret cake bunker - they've let us out for a minute to stretch our legs and tell you about a couple of new Xmas-related items.

FIRSTUS: Of the many suggestions our BB colleagues receive for flavour combinations, by far the most regular are requests for proper, Christmassy ones. So, ever the ones for listening to the pleas of our customers, that is exactly what we've got for you. Full details will arrive over the next few days but we shall taunt you with the words "mulled wine brownie" and "mincemeat blondie". We're also pleased to announce the finalisation of our winning #WinterWin flavour, "LUCKY", which has ended up a really very amusing concoction of Cointreau and wintry spices. Thanks go again to Ben Bexson for the suggestion and we'll also be getting back in touch with the trio of ladies who shepherded us in the same direction with suggestions of some of the component parts of Lucky.

SECONDO: A couple of recent comments from our friends on Twitter have led us to open up an entirely brand new part of the research facility, here: crafting. Management thought they'd seen the last of PVA glue and little paintbrushes, with primary school an increasingly distant and confusing memory, but here they are. Specifically, Management are considering joining the competitive world of Advent Calendars. But, thought they, why produce something that you can get in every newsagent and supermarket in the country from October onwards? Ours is likely to be a little more special than that, much more of a keepsake. The prototype is ready, we just need to work out how to get the freshly-baked brownies into it... the phrase "refill packs" is hoving into view and, frankly, WE LIKE IT.

That's it for now! Back in our cage, back in our cage... but, before we go:SLADE. You're ever so welcome.



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We're doing things a bit differently this Christmas...

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Posted on Wednesday 6 December 2023 at 17:41

Take your pick from The Range!

Rather than a fixed run on a certain day with pre-determined flavours (as we have done in previous years), we're putting together bulk parcels of special orders.

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Xmas 2020! We have options!

Posted by Team BB

Posted on Sunday 29 November 2020 at 18:35

We have three different mixed Compact boxes available to order throughout December.

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Pioneer Pioneer Pioneer

Pioneer Pioneer

Pecan nut chunks

£12 / pack of six Compact

Pioneer Pioneer

Pecan nut chunks

Buffalo Explorers

And if you will, nom.

Ian, London

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