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We have a name! And some names!

Buffalo Brownies, y'say? We like the way that rolls out. "Buff Low Brow Knees... su-u-per brow-n-ies..." Sounds good.

Female Management dropped in to the lab the other day, sagging under the weight of all her beloved American cookery books. She kept on whispering the word "blondie" at us, eyes darting mysteriously from side-to-side, as if possessed by some sort of sugar-powered demon. "BLONDIES!", she hissed, suddenly, thrusting the books into our arms and then collapsing daintily onto a curiously sudden chaise-longue in the middle of the lab. Using our finely-honed scientific minds, we have determined that she has something to tell us.

Blondies, indeed. A chocolate-less brownie, it appears. Interesting. You'd think the idea of a brownie to be intrinsically bound up with the presence of chocolate. We suppose it might exist as a product in its own right, so we're determined to try and find the best features of all the recipes we've just been given and make it a genuine and credible counterpart to the illustrious brownie. It's a funny one, though – the first recipe we looked at had barely any egg in it, raising agents in the flour, and so on, and so forth. It looks to us more like a cookie dough than a brownie batter (not surprising given the absence of the lustrous, lubricating chocolate) and the results in the tray suggest as much. But in a good way! It ends up basically as the best middle-bit-of-a-really-soft-cookie-but-like-a-tray-of-it you've ever had. Such a simple recipe, too. There's nothing spare to it, nothing you can take out. It's atomic. It's Atomic! Blondie's Atomic. Ooooh, clever, clever, clever lab folk! We've heard some of the ideas for names of the other flavours we've turned out: the first flavour is getting the name "Pioneer" (it is the first, after all!), and the pure chocolate one is being imaginatively titled "Pure". It's apt, we guess.

P.S. We left Female Management where she was, just turned out the lights in the lab when we left. She seemed at peace...

Buffalo Explorers

  • I just ordered Eve

    Buy them, eat them, love them. Punch your diet in the nuts.

    Andy, Enfield

    November 2011

  • Delightful

    Ordered some Atomic Blondies to be delivered to my partner's office, and they didn't disappoint. Lovely packaging, great taste, superb service.

    Bess, London

    February 2012

  • Sheer heaven

    These brownies are sheer heaven can honestly say they're are the best. Thank goodness they're local and deliver too 

    Angela, Derbyshire

    July 2014

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